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sabato 21 marzo 2015

Panasonic RF-2200 restoration adventures - Part 2

Among first steps of almost any radio restoration projects is to dismantle the unit, both to ease deeper cleaning and to gain access to the circuit for visual inspection and - later on - for realignment and calibration. So I did. Attached below please find a collection of pictures showing the internals of my new old Panasonic DR-22 (refer to Part 1 for some more background on this story).

The solder side of the main board with the front panel controls exposed

The nice old-style mechanics of the tuning scale

The component side of main board with the tuning capacitor well exposed

Luckily, it seems that the unit does not have suffered from any major fault or repair in its past life. Internally it appeared fairly clean and in good order. After having removed the five self-evident screws on the back panel (only one of them is "hidden" inside the battery compartment) and the knobs on the front panel (all but the main tuning knob), both panels can be easily separated from the main circuit board so exposing that nice piece of vintage electronics.
It is very good for us experimenters that the whip antenna, the battery compartment and the loudspeaker can be easily disconnected from the main board without having to use a soldering iron. The radio itself can still stand up without the front and back panels and it can be very easily serviced this way, with a minimum risk of causing mechanical damages. Well done, old Panasonic designers!

The back panel dismounted with connections for antenna and batteries

Unfortunately while separating the front panel from the main board, a piece of plastic detached from around the signal meter (circled in yellow in image below). The other small rectangular piece of black gummy plastic silently dropped from inside the radio while detaching the back panel. I couldn't find out where it came from. I hope to discover its original placement while rebuilding the set.
Now I'm waiting for a stick of the renowned CAIG DeoxIT D100L conctact cleaner and another stick of DeoxIT Fader F5 for potentiometers. After having recovered a good behaviour of switches and pots I will proceed with a realignment. Stay tuned for more RF-2200 restoration adventures!

The rear of the front panel with the loudspeaker

The timestamp above says (I suppose) December 24, 1977

The venerable front panel dismounted and ready for a careful cleaning

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