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giovedì 1 gennaio 2015

A tiny vintage tube radio power supply

Sometimes I get attracted by small pieces of vintage electronics and - when the cost of the item is affordable for me - often I can't resist and buy these objects with a collector spirit, even if probably I will never find a practical use for them.
The above is the case of this small vintage tube radio power supply, the Ameco PS-1, that I bought last summer from US on a well known site for on-line auctions.
I put hereafter a small collection of images of the Ameco PS-1, together with its very simple schematic diagram. It can provide 6.3 VAC, 2A for tube heaters and a rectified 125VDC, 25 mA for plates (often named as the B+ voltage).

As you can see from images above, an octal socket is available for connecting the Ameco PS-1 to the user circuit. The socket is wired so that it was possible to plug the Ameco CN line of frequency converters (CN-50, CN-144, CN-220) directly into the PS-1 power supply.

I would like very much to use the Ameco as (a part of) the power supply section of a future homebrewed tube radio, most likely another simple regenerative receiver. I could also add in the receiver some better filtering on B+ and a rectifier - followed by a three terminal voltage regulator (LM7806 or similar) - for the heaters voltage and leave the Ameco PS-1 as it is. Of course, here in Italy it will require a step down transformer from 230 V of AC mains to the required 117 VAC that are used in the US, but this would not be a big problem, given the limited power to be delivered.
That's all for now, with my best wishes to all for a great year 2015.

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