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venerdì 13 febbraio 2015

My next regen receiver - The AF amplifier

After some time from my last post on the subject of my next homebrew regen receiver (that post was about the power supply), I can finally make a little step forward by adding some information about the AF amplifier module.
The design has been entirely copied from the Jon Fleig's Pipsqueak guitar amplifier (here it is the original schematic diagram), with a few little modifications to component values, based on what I had at hand.

Here below I add some pictures of my build of the circuit above. The construction is all but elegant, however results of initial tests seem encouraging.
I expect to get an output power of less that 1 W on a 8 ohms load, more than enough to drive a small loudspeaker for my receiver. I plan to post a video of how it sounds actually quite soon.

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