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mercoledì 24 dicembre 2014

SAQ Christmas Eve transmission 2014 on AFEDRI SDR-Net (VLF)

Today is December 24, 2014 and I liked to join in the traditional SAQ Christmas Eve transmission on 17.200 kHz (so in VLF), from the historical station located in Grimeton, Sweden.
This time I wanted to use my modified AFEDRI SDR-Net receiver together with my homebrewed 3-turns loop antenna. I placed the antenna outside on my balcony at 5th floor with south-north orientation. The antenna was connected to a LZ1AQ loop amplifier, build by Roelof Bakker PA0RDT, fed throgh a length of CAT-5 cable which also provided the necessary power supply. A passive 540 kHz low-pass filter was also inserted between the output from the amplifier cable and the receiver. The software running on the PC was SDR-Radio v2.3 (beta).

Below are some photos depicting the above-described setup.

The homebrewed 3-turns loop antenna (120 cm x 160 cm)

The LZ1AQ amplifier (built by Roelof Bakker, PA0RDT)

The AFEDRI SDR-Net receiver

The short video below is a panoramic view (from south to north, looking towards the sea) taken from my listening position in Livorno, Italy (grid square JN53EM).

Finally, the video below was taken on my PC during reception of SAQ transmission on 17.200 kHz. It shows how my modified AFEDRI can work pretty good at VLF.

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